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Life is about people, and people need connections, meaningful contact with others.  There’s millions of people living in this tiny planet, living on times of internet closeness but physical lacking contact.  We are all alone, then again, we are all together in that too.  We are incongruous.  I am longing for connections, but more real ones that can go beyond the internet and straight to me,  to give more meaning, more validation to this human life experience.  I want to see other peoples lives, how they live it, how is their piece of world.  People in places I might never get to see in person.  And record it, maybe even make a book.

I was lucky enough, when I met my husband, back in my teens, people still wrote letters, heartfelt, sappy long letters, in where they expressed their feelings, thoughts, experiences.  It was a tangible proof we existed.  You took a little time and pour your life on them.  I lost a big album filled with all the letters, postcards and pictures that served as evidence to a relationship that existed.  It was my husband, and he died 15 years ago, I was 25.  Nothing has made me cry more than we I lost that album (materialistically speaking).  Even though it was something material, our whole story was there.

I am longing to make new friends, when you have special kids and no social life is hard to get some of those.  Even though I am writing on the internet, is not the long goal.  This will serve as a journal, my final photo journalistic project to finalize my studies and get my diploma and a long time dream of mine (hoping that I actually reach someone).  I will like to take a map and put there my connections.  I will like to exchange letters, hand written and real letters with perfect strangers.  Maybe a piece of paper saying “Hi”, a movie ticket, something you found around…just something, some proof of your existence, of another human life that for an instant connects with mine.

So, whoever you are, I am reaching out to you, thru this virtual world, and invite you to make a connection in the real one…….. Hope to hear from you!

Marilyn Santiago

Villa Carolina

66-50, 54st.

Carolina, P.R. 00985