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This is my son, and friend and partner Owen Vazquez.  He is 15 years old  and he has Asperger’s Syndrome.  Our travel together has been an awesome adventure, and his mind, is a wanderer one, always reading and over-analyzing all and sharing his thoughts….This is my world with and Aspie, true to his condition, he is single minded and has a strong drive to analyze details, stories, news…its awesome, so many stories and keeps me sharp, full of information….

“… Hey ma’….”, that would be the beginning, its how i know something is on his head and he needs to get it out to make space for next thoughts….

I keep thinking about the movie “Extremely Loud and incredibly close” where the kid has Asperger too and his dad (Tom Hanks) died on 9/11…..he went to strangers trying to figure out a key…and he told this woman: “Oh, i think a lot of things are odd. People tell me I’m very odd all the time. I got tested once to see if I had Asperger’s syndrome. Dad said is for people who are smarter than everybody else but can’t run straight…”  That description was dead on!  That’s how it is, they are way too smart and days are challenges….so our challengers will be recorded…why? why not????….