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I was reading this article a little while back but we were on vacations so I put it on hold. It was about this mom who was upset at the fact that her son was autistic and she hated people calling him that. It did not made any sense to me. It actually made me a little sad, for her, why something that is a reality in her life would be something she feels she should hide?

It has never occurred to me about how Owen feels when i have to explain someone that he is an Aspie and the eternal dilemma that it is cause, people might just see him as shy and not realizing there’s more than that, much more.  But you see, he sees himself as a special guy in a good way, in an awesome way. Cause we have always established how special he indeed is, and how good being special is. So we have never had any problem with the word or what it means.  For us it means someone really awesome!

I told him what I was reading and he looked at me weird, in a “what is wrong with her” way.  I asked him: do you feel bad or offended in any way when you are called that, or when I have to explain it to someone? to what he answers NO with this “why would I?” on his face.  It is our reality and we just live the best way we can with it…Ant to be honest, we just plain love it.  Between having a “normal” teenager or my aspie, I fell enormously blessed…..