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WinkJust the other day, we were in the car (where 50% or more of our conversations happens) and we were listening to this “7 years” song.  The guy said something about how “he hopes his kids will come and visit maybe once or twice a month”.  Owen, on one of those few times who is actually paying attention to his surroundings was listening on loading mode. Then comes the comment: “wow, dying without having children must be very sad”.  He went deep.  I just look at him and said, “Yes, must be. Its the best thing in the world” to what he smiled.

I completely agree with him. Never in my life I imagined myself married, I always saw myself with kids but never married, I never dreamed of a wedding (can’t even stand them!) but for the  record I did married my best friend and he died when Owen was 1 year old.

Let me be clear here, I completely understand and agree with people who don’t want kids.  Its not for everyone. There’s too many mothers and fathers that should had never happened.  But at the same time, I feel sorry for them.

Because, you see…as limited, as difficult, as sacrificing, as uncertain as this road is, is one you don’t take alone. Is a road you have to share, it forces you to see things different, you have to see everything with different views, all at the same time. Because you are not only choosing something for you, you are affecting your kids.  But like I said, as sacrificing as it is, I cannot imagine, the thought of a person going thru his/her whole existence without knowing the meaning of real, unconditional, unquestionable love is, just makes me sad.  For me, this is the BEST feeling and lesson you can get as a human being.

You can be a free soul, have million of awesome experiences seeing and traveling the world, having a great job and tons of money, and believe you me, I will envy you enormously.  But I would NEVER change the greatness of the world, for the feeling of true unconditional love. To hear those words “I love you”, and know without a doubt in my heart, that is sincere and that will ALWAYS be there, even after I am gone.

The lessons and feelings that comes with those beings that we create is something too great and powerful for words….