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Owen, how would you describe Captain America?…”probably, patriotic, more like a patriotic super soldier of liberty….more like man of the stars or man of freedom”….Well, with a personality not according to his age, an a particular way of seeing things, specially annoyed to see injustices being made, he is my very own Captain  America.

Many instances where little or big things he sees or reads about make him get all defensive and make him start talking about injustices, like it really affects him on a deeper level.  Its as if in his mind, he can’t conceive that people cannot, or want not to be good.  Like he can’t comprehend why people do bad stuff.

Once we went to Walgreen’s, as we do almost every day, and almost every time his little sister will go wandering about the toys section as I am going to pay.  It bothers me, and they know it.  So this time I just kept walking away and went outside, as I was going by the door I would say to him “I should just leave her” (which of course I wasn’t, but he, well, he does not get those kind of things.  So literal, he actually thought I was gonna leave her). He just stand in front of the door, with this scared and annoyed look on his face and told me: “you are not being very nice  you know”, but he would not go out the door with me and leaver her behind…..That’s my captain America, as good and kind as they come……