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So, here I was, finishing one of the classes with the little one, exasperated, and Owen comes in.  As I tell her, yes, you can get a brake (and see her shadows behind as she starts running out) I look at him and start confiding, as I always do, in how annoying she is sometimes when we are studying.

I will tell him how slow she is writing, as I have to translate and explain everything that is in English, cause she doesn’t like it and find any excuse, makes jokes, take her doll, just to make it more entertaining.  So I ask him: why can’t she be more like you, more disciplined, faster?…. ohhhh silly me to ask a question….

He goes and tell me to remember this lecture he was working on about the differences in all people and how important it is we are all different. Of course he didn’t leave it at just a comment, or a sarcasm…Noooooooooo…. he goes on then asking me: wouldn’t you be bored if we were both autistic? Well, no, indeed…I would not be bored.  And I am extremely grateful of how enormously different you guys are…I have both poles here.  But that differences is what keeps my world interesting and definitely never boring….