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Just a little while back he learned, first hand, thru a bad experience we happened to witness, the consequences of bad choices. The consequences of Karma.  We saw this guy being hit and runned over on a very busy avenue. It was right in front of us, literally a car before us was the one who hit him…I was so annoyed by the fact that it was almost below a peatonal bridge that he chooses to skip that it happened. And was so much more annoyed cause I feel sorry for the woman driving that car.  Owen just tried to keep talking about other things to distract me and stop all the cursing…..

And with those experiences comes the arguments…Why God let these things happen? Some people think God does not exist and that’s why…”  To what I always react the same way, Not all that happens is Gods fault, is not destiny, or even chance…We have free will, and with it comes the consequences.  We are free to do what we want, to choose what we want.  If we decide to do something, for good or bad, specially when it goes wrong, don’t blame God, or destiny or chance, it was YOUR choice, it was your doing.  Like the guy who just skip the bridge that is there to protect him and just went for the road and got killed.  We saw him still alive, but later learned that he had just stabbed his wife and was on the run when it happen and did died….Karma…the consequence of a bad choice…

He asked me: “you think we will be marked for this?” and I said, I’m not sure, but I am sure you will remember that guy whenever you decide to cross a road….When we got home he was telling the fish about what happened and how important it is to be careful when crossing a road……