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This week, with Owens approval and actual encouragement, I am talking about the other special girl in our lives….

You see, as much as I love Museums (and boy, do I love them) I do not wish to live in one.  Our days at home revolves around toys laying everywhere and me asking her to put them back (which she almost never do) but the thing is, I actually enjoy her mess…She has this extremely playful, happy, and lately a smarty pants attitude that sometimes gets to my never, but I very much prefer it to be this way…She will be a real ball-buster, which, I have to admit, I kind of love about her.  I prefer her to be like that, than to be a sensitive (to the extreme) shy princess!

She still has that innocence, she plays by herself with her dolls around the house, fantasizing  and laughing, like no one is watching.  I have found myself recording her every now and then.  Because even though she is still 9, the big girl attitude in her is starting to wake up.  Pretty soon, this little playful girl will just be present in those recordings. I hope not.

So, for the time being, I will enjoy how special she is and enjoy the mess.  I very much prefer to live with this mess, it means there’s still life in the house…….