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…To whatever happens, however happens, only God and destiny knows.

They say: “getting the facts, getting all the facts, getting them in order, and presenting them clearly.”  I wish how to get order and clarity.  The facts are that I am a  single widow mother of two kids, Owen, the guy on my stories is an Aspie, he is autistic. And Evaness is a happy 9 year old who happens to be epileptic. Right now, due to not having help with them I am not working, I spend around 12 or 13 years at the airport but had to quit.  So here I am, needing a job, but trying to find the way to do it since Evaness is not old enough to be left alone and Owen is not able to take care of her if I have to go away for some hours.

You see, I have always been a free spirit and I love many things, have studied different things, but never got myself a career, it has never been important to me. Now at 40, I wish I did took something for a good job, like Journalism.  Some years ago a friend told me I should have been a photo journalist.  I did took a course and I love it, also have keep studying. I have always loved to write too.  Is something I have always done, in some way.  But for some reason never took seriously or considered as a career.  Now it seems like an unachievable goal.  I have the desire, and I am studying and taking courses, but the reality of my age is an issue that sadly is gonna get in my way.

Today my autistic son, who are not completely aware of how much I worry about the future, my future, his future, send me a little video about this awesome woman we all know and it was a very eye opening little video.  Is about J.K. Rowling and how she struggled and at the end well, we all know how it has been.  Little did he know, it was the kind of story I needed to hear about, a nice reminder that great things can happen.  I don’t expect anything great to happen to me, but still it gives me hope to think it will all  work out,  and it’s all going to be ok.