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2017-04-12 (2)

We have been talking about this topic a lot lately.  I have been watching a television show called 13 REASONS WHY, and even though it boils my blood on some levels, its a very good show, especially for teenagers. It exposes very clearly to all the dangers and consequences of their actions.  And I have always been telling him this, even with your condition, you are old enough to know and thankfully you are very bright and you understand many things (even when I am aware that some many others are not where we will want yet, if ever) but I know that you understand that if you decide to do something, wherever it is, it will have a consequence.  I am a firm believer of Karma and to not make it angry, and its something both my kids have adopted too.  When something happens and we get to see the fallout, they will instantly look at me and say “karma”. So I know they understand. We learned a very clear lesson not so far ago.  We saw a guy coming running to the highway and been rolled over. That right there was very clear, what kind of person runs to the very highly traffic road, and under a peatonal bridge no less! We learned later that he had just killed his wife and was on the run.  Karma.

I keep telling him this, over and over, your decisions are your own, and yours only. Going back to the program, this teenager who appeared to be a smart and strong one, ends up killing herself and leaving some tapes for all the ones she considered “the guilty of her death”.  As I explained to him what the program was about, I was mad, not for all the things that happened to her, which by the way she let them happen, or could had avoid!. But I was mad cause yes, shit happens, and sometimes you cannot stop something bad from happening but guess what, it happened, but life goes on and you have to keep living. It was a lesson and you have to toughen up and deal with life head on. That my boy, its the ONLY REASON WHY!