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We have this thing where I would tell him something I read and then he will make it part of his routines…like, for example, once we read that drinking water before bed will prevent heart attacks, that was a couple of years ago, and every night, religiously, he does drink the glass of water just before bed.

This past week I was reading how beneficial it is to go to nature, how it makes us feel better, both in body and soul, so of course we decided that we can go there, to the forest, every now and then,  starting yesterday….It was a very dark day, weather wise, but hey, it is after all a rain forest, so it was gonna rain anyways….So, off we went…

All the way up the mountain, it was peaceful, most of the time it was just the two of us.  Of course he kept telling me what was on his mind.  At some points we will find some other people either going up and down, he will stop, say hi to every one of them and then we will resume venting his thoughts about how maybe aliens left us here in hopes that we will evolve and start using more than the 10% of our brains and become more intelligent that how they left us……Still, in the middle of those thoughts he would turn around and ask me: “so mom, if you or I pass away, is this a good place to come and feel better and meditate……?  Yes, of course Owen….it will be the perfect place… It was an awesome day even though it got pretty cold, we got soaking wet, and now everything hurts….It was necessary…