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“…Imagine having all five senses multiplied by one hundred. Many people with autism, myself included, have never experienced complete silence. We always hear the humming of the lights, or a bird outside, or even the sound of our own breath. We always hear this loud and clear, even in noise-filled crowded room…Even smiling and saying hello in the corridor. Small gestures matter. Often, they can speak louder than words ever could…..”

I read those words from an article a long time ago and saved those words, but failed to write down the name of the girl. I loved the whole article.  Today as in some special days, I get slapped with his autism. What I mean by that is that is just our way of living, so for me is normal. Just in some days I get that “wait, he is his own world” feeling.  Today is graduation day, but since they are home schooled at a center is not the same as in regular schools. And we are picking up a shirt for him to wear, something nice between those worn off  super heroes shirts and buttons shirts, there’s no way he would wear buttons shirt!.  We are looking for something in between, well, I am looking for something. He could not care less about how he dress or how he looks. As he clearly told me time and time again: “well mother, that is only important to you”.

His simplicity amazed me, that way he doesn’t care about what people think or see him. He genuinely does not care. And I love it. But just for today I want him to be a little more presentable. It is his 9th grade graduation. And we managed to find something he doesn’t hate and say yes to. Even if it was a “its ok” decision.  He will wear it, we will go to the activity, he will receive his awards of the year, he would not really care, I will be exited, we will share with his friends for a while and we will come back home and continue the day into the things he is interested in.