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Studying J.K. Rowling first book of Harry Potter got me curious enough to see the movie. In 3 days I saw them all 8 of them. Even though wizards and teenagers are not my thing, I did liked it. But the thing is, it was not because of all the magic or the fact that Rick Allan was there. It was the concept of “FRIENDS”. Harry was lucky enough to make friends from the very first day that never left his side. Is the kind of friendship I have never know and don’t know if I will ever will.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have a few of them, but all dispersed all over and far away. The kind of friendship that goes to get some drinks or go to eat or have fun, that’s something I don’t know anymore. And I don’t have friends from my childhood either. A price to pay on adulthood when most of your friends are childless and go on with their adventures.

This makes me kind of sad, but not for me. I keep thinking of my kids. Owen with his particularity does not have any friend that he goes out with or spend time outside the school hours. Maybe he has one that calls him from time to time.  They are very alike and so they understand each other. They only  I can’t help but wonder if they will last, if they will grow up to be adults and stay in each others lives. I really hope they do. I keep telling him how important is to have friends even though I have not given the best example lately. But true and loyal friends are one of the most important things in life we can have and we can be.