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Some things really scare me, like the future, his future.  Is a fear of every parent, but in some special cases, is bigger.  I have always wonder how his future is gonna be. If he will adapt to be on his own.  And lately I have seen the answer to that question in a form of a very old elementary friend who is very special too, her name is Carmen and I see her almost every day.

I remember her in school, what is her condition I don’t know, but they were always taken away to special classes.  Now, all grown up I can see her walking with her bag and a lunch bag going on.  Judging by her clothes, I know she is working somewhere.  And that makes me feel so great. To see her being independent and well.

Every time I see Carmen, I breathe deeper and in hope, I will always be there for my guy whatever he needs, but I want to know he will be ok on his own…