The things you shouldn’t take for granted when you have “normal” kids….We will have to take a 17 hour train from NY to CHI and another 23 hour train from CHI to DFW a week later, just to spare Owen the agony of a plane ride…don’t get me wrong….we will enjoy it too…we are adventurers, and even he is still in his own world most of the time, he loves it….the trips, the new places… Sadly being from a small island, we have to take a plane to cross the water, after that, is all by train. The agony is more than this pic shows; usually he is on my lap, with one of his hands holding mine. That is how the time on the airplane goes…its torture…but, is a price to pay for adventures, so we endure it. Let it come, and let it be!

This post is from last year, but i haven’t post it here. Still we look forwards our next adventure next month and its always the same thing. It does not get easier. This time the trip will be from NY to Seattle by train…almost 3 days. But a difference this time is that is for a perspective purposes. We are looking to see some programs and an university that has an Asperger’s program. We are looking forwards the future. Wish us luck!