We usually discuss things and we either agree on some point or find a middle ground.  Teenage-hood is NOT one of them.  Oh boy!

Every time we discuss this particular subject, it usually comes because I am at school or with a group and I will go “I hate teenagers” and he will laugh, tell me I am crazy and then get all defensive about it.  And no, its not an age thing, I always hated them even when I was one, but then again I was always old.

He will go and keep telling me stuff about teenagers that i don’t know (because you know, i just materialized one day and just became a mom!).  He will go on and on on how adults are too serious and full of problems and stuff that we can’t stand them being happy and loud and ridicule.

Even though my Aspie guy is very mature and I am very lucky, he still wants to be a teenager, his mind cant wrap his mind around the idea of being an old 20 year old and leave Never land behind.

And then, the inevitably subject of older people acting like children (not in the best sense) comes along.  At that point, i can’t argue with him anymore, because  been around grownups who didn’t grew up its way worst. The world is full of Peter Pan alike that I hate even more than teenagers.