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…”life takes you where it takes you. You can steer so much. Sometimes, not at all…instead of fighting, live your life. the current may know something you don’t”

I have been questioned, twice, how was I crazy enough to pay to be trapped on a train for days and with the kids.  I must admit the ignorance of the question surprised me, but it was quickly replaced by the feeling of sadness for them.

You see, I did not pay to be “trapped” on a train. I paid for the thrill of making new friends, maybe fleeting, sporadic or maybe a life long ones on a very unlikely place. I paid to be amazed by all the new places and scenarios I will probably won’t see again, and were too great for just words so I had to take pictures to show people so they can get a glimpse of what I saw, and was amazed by.

I was forced to absorbed its splendor,  take a photo and move to the next great one; to be impressed and away from all I know, from all the technology, from all news good or bad.  I escape from people on the world that cast a shadow on my existence with their misery. And I had never felt more alive or clear.

On one of the days, we witnessed as there was an emergency on the train, and we had to make an emergency stop at one little town. We saw how this nurse came in a car, parked, and jump on the train.

And the kids? as much as they did not enjoy been without internet, they learned, a lot. We saw some national parks, and a guide was telling us all kinds of stories as we watched where it all happened.  I know that years from now when they are older, and understand all that it takes to get away, they will appreciate and be happy that they had those experiences. No school will teach them that. We also figured out what we love about out trips; we can just get out and walk in any direction, take a little train and be somewhere exiting and fun. Not like in home.

At some point on the trip we saw something, I don’t remember what it was, but Owen exclaimed “woooa” which is highly unusual for him, to actually express excitement. That’s why we do those trips, for the “woa” moments, and the lessons. There is always lessons!

As  you can see, not only did I not feel trapped on the train, on the contrary, I had never felt more at peace being away from all.   The purity of untouched and incredibly beautiful places filled my soul with peace. It was a necessary, and welcomed pause. (And on an interesting note, those people who called me crazy loved the pictures of those awesome places)


I received this note when we got back home. It was waiting for me on the bed. Like I said, those experiences are worth way more than we paid for!