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Looking through a prism to see how the colors are reflected from a white light.

Today was eclipse day. We skipped the home school curriculum for a special activity outside, an activity about science and of course about the eclipse. we saw only 80% of it, it didn’t went dark here at all, but still was a great experience.

On our way I explained to them to observe, read, explore and understand the many things that were going to be there and that later they will make an essay about what they learned.

He would be reading everything of course, but that is completely normal in him. He made me go back to one booth where they were explaining about the colors we don’t see and some prim crystals that made us see all the colors we don’t see with the naked eye. He was asking again so I could record it and write about it later.

Back home he was already worried about what to do first, see something on the computer for personal time or start the essay. He over analyzes everything, and until he does the essay his mind won’t be at ease.

It was a great feeling when I saw them putting on the glasses on and looked up. That expression on their faces and that “wow” that followed was priceless. Nothing like to witness a moment of discovery on someone else’s eyes, specially when they are your kids. The sense of accomplishment, the sense that you are doing something right for them.