Ohhh The Places You’ll Go…On Being His Mom



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Just the other day, we were in the car (where 50% or more of our conversations happens) and we were listening to this “7 years” song.  The guy said something about how “he hopes his kids will come and visit maybe once or twice a month”.  Owen, on one of those few times who is actually paying attention to his surroundings, was listening on loading mode. Then comes the comment: “wow, dying without having children must be very sad.”  He went deep.  I just look at him and said, “Yes, must be. It’s the best thing in the world,” to what he smiled.

I completely agree with him. Never in my life I imagined myself married, I always saw myself with kids but never married, I never dreamed of a wedding (can’t even stand them!)

Let me be clear here, I completely understand and agree with people who don’t want kids.  It’s not for everyone. There’s too many mothers and fathers that should had never happened.  But at the same time, I feel sorry for them.

Because, you see…as limited, difficult, sacrificing, as uncertain as this road is, is one you don’t take alone. Is a road you have to share; it forces you to see things different, you have to see everything with different views, all at the same time. Because you are not only choosing something for you, you are affecting your kids.  But like I said, as sacrificing as it is, I cannot imagine, the thought of a person going through his/her whole existence without knowing the meaning of real, unconditional, unquestionable love is, just makes me sad.  For me, this is the best feeling and lesson you can get as a human being.

You can be a free soul, have million of awesome experiences; seeing and traveling the world, having a great job and tons of money, and believe me, I will envy you enormously.  But I would never change the greatness of the world, for the feeling of true unconditional love. To hear those words “I love you,” and know without a doubt in my heart, that is sincere and that will always be there, even after I am gone.

The lessons and feelings that comes with those beings that we create is something too great and powerful for words….

Ohhh the places you’ll go….and all the places they can take you!



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People ask me why l don’t a knowledge the April autism month. Well, is very simple. I have a blog that I share with strangers on a weekly basis. I don’t need one month to a knowledge it. I do it every day….. not even acknowledge, I live with it. Big difference…

Today he skipped school cause his little sister is sick and he is a little too, so we decided to stay and do homeshool ( he does both, home school and go to a center for math and other classes).  Among the many topics on his head, those random and sometimes exhausting long themes, he mix his stories on his head with worries about his life. He is aware of other kids having girlfriends and doing teenagers stuff, and he worries about it, still he goes to his la la land mode and storytelling. But today is different, non weird, but unusual, he is in a non stop chatting mode, and even sat down with me to talk about ideas and making a story in one of his many books.  I love these moments, even though I am trying to study.  But when he takes those moments to empty his mind, I have to be around….I have to listen.  So here I am, listening……….

As you can see, I live with this awesome ideas human machine, I don’t have to acknowledge, I live with it. Is like my own book of stories that talks to me, and I love it. You should be this lucky!


Why Disney if We Can Go Somewhere else?


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Our trips wall…some of them…


The normal answer from a teenager when asked if he wants to go to Disney to participate on a Taekwondo Tournament? No, of course not. But we are not talking about a normal teenager, this one is awesome and special. I am lucky enough to be called his mom.

We have been told there is a big tournament on Disney in October, and I looked at him and ask him, “are you interested?” and not a glimpse of care or interest was shown. Again today I ask, are you sure you don’t want to go to Disney?” and he just tell me, “why waste money on Disney if we can go someplace else with that money?” Indeed, my feelings exactly, but again, is not about me, is about him. And is not the fact that is Disney is the fact that is a tournament, and he love those.

Those are the days I feel most proud, he loves the competitions but he gets very anxious, you can see it in his face and the way he acts. But still, he soldiers on, and you can see the determination on his face. He goes for it. And I feel happy, very happy.

That is how autism world works, there are surprises, and turns, and surreal experiences when you less expect them. It’s what makes this world so interesting. But for now, we will skip that one tournament, and concentrate our efforts to a more exiting place, somewhere with museums, or big libraries, and hey, a train ride too!

Amazing Adventures Volume 1, Chapter 8: The Dream Mask

His stories become better and longer every time. Very proud of his efforts and his stories….! Keep on the writing!!!

Mr.O's Chrono Librarium


At night, by 2:00 AM, everyone is asleep. Each momentarily leaving their physical world so that their consciousness can go to another world  which shifts to accommodate their ambitions and goals. This world is called the Dream World, a world where dreams are alive. One such person currently asleep is Miguel as he dreams of  a much safer world, with people walking the streets safely. Then, the Voice is heard.

Voice:“Miguel, I take that you and your friends had a wonderful time in the States?”

Miguel:“Yes, our time there was great, were you watching us the whole time?”

Voice:“I have and I did not interfere because I believed in your capabilities and teamwork.” 

Miguel:“I thank you for your faith in us.”

Voice:“I would like to continue this conversation, but there is something I need to warn you about.”

Miguel:“What is it?”

Voice:“The dream…

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Amazing Adventures Volume 1 Chapter 7: The American Trip

His stories…..

Mr.O's Chrono Librarium


Note: This is a series of  stories and those that feature Miguel and friends are part of the Volume 1 story.

1.  On Board to NY

It is a great day for Miguel and his friends who are invited because they are going to see a lot of awesome things in New York. After a long ride on a airplane, they arrive at New York. After getting a room or two at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel, they walked around the city, taking in the sight of many stores and restaurants. For a while everything was good, until they see rampaging, green monster attacking buildings and innocents. After a moment of shock, they donned masks made by Rosallia to hide their identities in public places like NY and went on to battle the monsters.

The monsters spot them and do battle with the heroes. Miguel avoids a punch from a…

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Where does your mind go…?


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Is an eternal question in my mind ever since I was in college and got my first job with an autistic kid.  It was a world new to me, it was fascinating, exhausting, confusing, heartbreaking, wonderful. From the sadness of his mother wanting to hug him and he refusing, to the resiliency of him trying something and not giving up until he got it maybe half an hour later.

I remember watching him for hours, saying nothing, he was not verbal, a beautiful 8 year old with such innocence in his eyes. I remember telling to someone: “at least I have this experience, if someday I have an autistic child, I will have an idea of how to work with him/her.” I was eighteen then. Little did I knew. Or maybe my subconscious did.

I still do ask that question all the time. My Aspie is seventeen now and he speaks his mind a lot. We have many good conversations. But still, I look at him and wonder, when his sight is lost, when he is listening to his music and just gets lost in it and keeps jumping around the house.

I know his mind works in stories, he writes them and draws them. So, I wonder, is your mind always a story too? Where does your mind go…?


Amazing Adventures Volume 1 Chapter 6: The Rainbow Flute

His stories…

Mr.O's Chrono Librarium


The day starts as normal as any other, with Miguel training in the use of his blade. He tried forming something else, but with no good results. Then the voice warns him about an incoming danger that threatens a kingdom in the sky. Miguel calls the others on the phone, but only Owen responds and he is accompanied by his younger sister, Evaness. Nonetheless, they go through a portal opened by the voice and arrive to see that a kingdom is really in the sky, but they are concerned (Evaness was a little scared) as the sky turned creepy by the time they arrived. Then, they see a dark portal appear, with the Shadow Wizard and Boogie Man coming out.

The Shadow Wizard explains to them that he approached Boogie Man with an offer to get revenge on the Puerto Rican Knights for his defeat while he attacks the Rainbow-Corns…

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In His Company, He Will Not See Their Resume!


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Here we are doing a project for his school. He has to create a company, create jobs, and contracts, the whole thing. So we keep talking about what would be good ideas. First we decided that he wants to create a writers nest, a place where writers will reunite to make stories. His world is about stories. Where did he come up with stuff like that, I will never know. I guess is an Aspies thing. Ja!

Of course he is doing all the research, from the coolest jobs for book lovers, to how to prepare a contract. In deciding what kind of place, he though of a place like the Google building. A place where the employees are happy. He even added a meditation garden!

We decided that for historians, we will have Seniors, as in seniors in life, older people full of life experiences in many aspects.  They are also deserving,  fun, and benefitial to have around. He will have a full archive for all the writings and of course for research, because some of us actually prefer to have a book on our hands.

And last but not least, we decided that the interviews will be in person, in a nontraditional manner. Maybe on some activity, to see the kind of person behind the paper. Paper, as in a resume will not be asked and it will not be important.

Now let me tell you, if I  had one wish, it will be for him to have the opportunity to build something like this. This is a place I would love to work for. If Only…


Amazing Adventures Volume 1 Chapter 5: The Hour of Fear

His stories…

Mr.O's Chrono Librarium


At evening, Miguel is walking and chatting with Owen about upcoming exams and going to a pizzeria after that. Suddenly, the voice warned them of an incoming danger in another land, so the voice opens a portal for them and they go through it. When they arrive, they see a landscape with a dark sky which makes them uneasy, and at this moment the other knight arrive to see this creepy landscape. The voices tells the Knight that an evil being known as the Boogie Man has turned the sky eerily dark and at the final hour on the clock, the Hour of Fear will arrive to spread fear and panic on the world. The Puerto Rican Knights now feel determined to save this land from fear and they go towards a town. On their way there, the voice explains that this land is another dimension or universe which its…

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Amazing Adventures Volume 1, Chapter 3: Kingdom of Canis

His stories…

Mr.O's Chrono Librarium


On a sunny Sunday, Miguel and his friends are hanging out at a park, with Owen and Chamaella reading, Rosallia watching the birds, Miguel and Manuel pretending to fight with wooden sticks. Then, a pug, came and said “hello”, surprising most of the group except Owen and Rosallia as they have known about talking dogs. This dog’s name is Pelicres, and he needs their help.After saying this, he opens a portal which everyone goes into. On the other side, they arrive at an island which, to their surprise, is inhabited solely by dogs. Pelicres also told them about two things: every dog on the island is immortal, though it is a medium population of them, and there is a sinister force planning to steal their most treasured artifact: The  sacred scroll of light which is said to contain knowledge of the multiverse and was trusted to guard it by the

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