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Thank you Mike Rowe and the friend who posted this just in the best moment!…

Jobs….a necessity of life…this is a conversation I have with my 16 year old Aspie a lot. He thinks that because of his condition he doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. How do you explain that even when many do know what to do when they reach adulthood, so many others don’t. Not just because of lack of interest in a subject. Maybe just the opposite, a person can have many interests, a person can go from job to job, and who is to say is not correct?

A job is a job I keep telling him. As long as you feel happy and you have means to do the things you really want to do, go after whatever you want or can do. I have met both sides of the dilemma. I have a friend who always wanted to be an architect, she studied and graduated and now is an architect. She is happily married and living in Seattle. Life is good for her I guess. But I have also met people who got just the jobs they can get. Education, you see, is not available for everyone for many reasons. Still, they are poor as mouse but they are the happiest people I have known.

Then there’s the other side, the ones (like me) who have studied a couple of different things, not because of indecision but because I like many things and have some time to study,  I love to study and will probably die doing it. I haven’t really worked as any of the things I studied officially, instead I spend around 13 years working in the airport, in different companies and doing different things.  Of all the jobs I have had, being a ramp agent has been the most fun and challenging. Being there to block the airplanes and do all the things that has to be done in there, in a rush before another airplane comes in, was exiting for me. Many people, specially pilots back then didn’t understood how a woman can be doing that job and actually like it.  But I did, I enjoyed very much, I was extremely fit back then, another good side of the job.  The last 7 years I worked there I was at a “good job” with good benefits, but I was miserable, like many of the people working there.  You see, between been a ramp agent with no benefits or having a better job with better benefits but being miserable, I choose the ramp, every time.

Looking forward to end my current studies in what was supposed to be what I have done with my life from the beginning (you see Owen, I didn’t saw it that way back then, I just realized a couple of years ago, even when a good friend once told me “you should had been a photo journalist” some years back.  It never occurred to me, even when write and take photos is all that fills my soul.  Instead now I am trying to make it happen, yet age, like it or not, is a factor, so is just wait and see)  We will see what happens, if it happens good, if not, then whatever has to happen as long as it is a job and pay the bills and some trips, it will all be welcomed.